Review what a few of our clients have said.

“We’ve worked with SafeMetrics since 2003. SafeMetrics advanced our safety program into the 21st century and now it is extraordinary. Our team members’ safety awareness has dramatically improved. Before working with SafeMetrics, our MOD rate had climbed as high as 1.47. After SafeMetrics, our MOD rate hovers around 0.62 to 0.72 year over year.

Our team members are safer. We’ve experienced less downtime due to injury and we’ve saved tens of thousands of dollars on our insurance premiums. Most importantly, having a MOD rate below 1.0 is like a ‘litmus test’ or ‘safety calling card’ for Fortune 500 companies. You can’t even get your foot in the door if your MOD rate is over 1.0. SafeMetrics is and continues to be a valuable partner.”

David Sheffield
Principal/Chief Financial Officer
VASEY Commercial Facility Solutions

“I have had the pleasure in working with SafeMetrics for more than five years. Whenever I need an expert industrial Hygienist or lost specialist, SafeMetrics is my go-to channel partner. Their attention to detail and vast knowledge of safety and health standards as related to the compliance and risk/loss control is unmatched.

SafeMetrics is dedicated to their work and they don’t’ lose track of the goals and objectives set forth by their clients. The many times we have worked on projects together, SafeMetrics has been a real asset for AFC International Inc. and our customers.”

Jim Seneczko
Vice President
AFC International Inc.

“I took SafeMetrics to consult with a client of mine who needed help controlling workers’ compensation losses. The company they were with was not providing adequate assistance and our agency was offering to provide this service to them as a benefit of being our client.

SafeMetrics presented a very detailed analysis of what the problems were and what could be done to prevent them. They had an outstanding ability to perceive the owner’s motivations and concerns and tie those into their recommendations.

If anyone is in need of assistance from an on-site safety and risk management assistance, I highly recommend contacting SafeMetrics.”

Kevin M. Hill, ARM
Assistant Vice President (Crawfordsville, IN Office)

“SafeMetrics has made our life easier by engaging in critical safety issues that we otherwise might not have realized we needed to meet OSHA requirements. If we have a safety concern, they evaluate the situation and advise solutions. SafeMetrics will even travel to our clients’ sites to assess and see firsthand overall conditions. They organize and manage our safety training program for team members and verify all requirements are met.

With our plumbing division, they help organize the Hepatitis B requirements for OSHA. SafeMetrics work proactively with ownership on insurance requirements and audits. They also manage our loss logs for OSHA, third-party requirements like ISN, equipment safety (fork-lift, scissor lift, and trucks), and much more. Bottom line, SafeMetrics makes our workplace safer and easier to manage.”

Bill Hinds
Service Manager
VASEY Commercial Facility Solutions